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ABR Review Now Live: Monster Squad: The Iron Golem by Christian Page

Monster Squad: The Iron Golem

By Christian Page
Performed/Narrated by Natalie Hoyt
7 hours and 41 minutes
Unabridged Audio
Kids, Sci-fi, Fantasy
4.8 star rating on Audible

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Publishers Summary

Monsters. Mad Scientists. Danger.
Dark forces are converging on the sleepy town of Autumn's Hallow. Monsters in the woods, mad scientists on the loose, and sinister minions lurk. Four young friends must band together to uncover a secret plot that threatens them, the town they live in, and the people they love. It's up to Blaine Davis, Daschle Gaunt, Shelley Merry, and Drake Harker, heirs to fantastic powers, to stop an evil that threatens to consume the world. Can the Monster Squad thwart the evil Victor von Frankenstein in time? Find out in book one of an exciting new series!
©2014 Christian Page (P)2015 Christian Page

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What a great kids adventure and even for older listener will enjoy this as well. It is an enjoyable listen but, if looking for a stand-alone read this book leaves you off where the next adventure will begin. The story can stand on its own but, you will be wanting more as the ending indicates. So let me get started with this delightful Sci-fi Fantasy. For Christian’s book has it for those older generations that are into the mysteries of Roswell. For the young that love those boxy type of monsters that you see in the “B-rated movies of the 50’s”.
Starting in 1938, a young girl sent to the barn to fetch her dad for dinner. She stops when she hears and then turns and sees what she thought was a meteorite way out in the distance. Until it decides to slow down and shift course. Crashing into the mountains near their home. Something she thought was only on the radio shows she listened to at night. Moving now over to the site is the scientists that are assigned to investigate the site with military escort. This sets you up for the first of 2 main characters. Peter and Nina. While investigating they come to examine what they thought would be a meteorite. Only to see a round metal object. Fearing that someone would possible be injured. Nina out of instinct approaches the craft. Being told by Peter to watch it was probably really hot. But, it wasn’t, it was cool and soft to the touch. Acknowledging that no one was inside. Then they heard a sound behind them and turned around and there was the creature. A huge metal man standing there. Slits for his eyes glowing. Motionless, yet Nina felt connected somehow to this being. As this robot is taken down by military along with the space ship to Area 51. Next comes in the head research doctor to take over is Von Frankenstein. You will learn about him and his assistant Igor in the Prologue of the book.
Heading to present time. A group of young friends. Some of them not knowing of their special abilities. This gives us the next set of prime characters of the story. Friends Shelley, Blaine, Kevin, Dash and Drake. Minor character Blaine’s Sister Vicki. Drakes’ parents Peter and Nina (Miss Poe, teacher), Von Frankenstein (under the name of Giles, head master of Grimm Academy) comes to this town called Autumn Hallow. This where all the kids live with their families. Strange things start to happen to the kids. Some having special skills that they didn’t even know they have.
Well, that is as much as I will give you. The brief overview of an adventure that none of the kids thought would change their lives when they woke up that faithful first day back to school. Christian took a lot of care into how he handles each chapter with a smooth transition from each time period. I like that it was not a harsh back in forth. Some books can make you dizzy when they do that. But, the way he handled it by giving an overview of the Von Frankenstein character and how he got the nickname in the Prologue was enough. So that this way he was able to concentrate on the other characters backgrounds. When he went back to Peter and Nina in 1938 with a continuation of how their powers developed. Any additional information leading up to the present and the re-energizing of the robot. The terror that wrecks the town. It is non-stop action that Natalie Hoyt did when she brought each character to life.
I really enjoyed Natalie. This was my first time listen of her work and was really impressed. I was able to tell the difference between the girl characters and the male characters. I know from listening to past narrators that they sometimes have a hard time with the voice recognition of the opposite gender. But, Natalie did not. I think that being younger kids she could give the boys that voice of a before voice change age. However, she did the accent of Von Frankenstein and the older voice of Peter quite well. Sound effects throughout the audiobook. You certainly will not be disappointed with the story or the performance of this young adult book. I would say 8 years and up!
The cover design was simple yet conveyed the character of the book. But, did not really convey the kids now part of the Monster Squad.
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