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ABR Review Now Live: Monster Squad: The Iron Golem by Christian Page

Monster Squad: The Iron Golem

By Christian Page
Performed/Narrated by Natalie Hoyt
7 hours and 41 minutes
Unabridged Audio
Kids, Sci-fi, Fantasy
4.8 star rating on Audible

Book Blurb on Audio Book Reviewer

Publishers Summary

Monsters. Mad Scientists. Danger.
Dark forces are converging on the sleepy town of Autumn's Hallow. Monsters in the woods, mad scientists on the loose, and sinister minions lurk. Four young friends must band together to uncover a secret plot that threatens them, the town they live in, and the people they love. It's up to Blaine Davis, Daschle Gaunt, Shelley Merry, and Drake Harker, heirs to fantastic powers, to stop an evil that threatens to consume the world. Can the Monster Squad thwart the evil Victor von Frankenstein in time? Find out in book one of an exciting new series!
©2014 Christian Page (P)2015 Christian Page

My Review featured on Audio Book Review and other sites

What a great kids adventure and even for older listener will enjoy this as well. It is an enjoyable listen but, if looking for a stand-alone read this book leaves you off where the next adventure will begin. The story can stand on its own but, you will be wanting more as the ending indicates. So let me get started with this delightful Sci-fi Fantasy. For Christian’s book has it for those older generations that are into the mysteries of Roswell. For the young that love those boxy type of monsters that you see in the “B-rated movies of the 50’s”.
Starting in 1938, a young girl sent to the barn to fetch her dad for dinner. She stops when she hears and then turns and sees what she thought was a meteorite way out in the distance. Until it decides to slow down and shift course. Crashing into the mountains near their home. Something she thought was only on the radio shows she listened to at night. Moving now over to the site is the scientists that are assigned to investigate the site with military escort. This sets you up for the first of 2 main characters. Peter and Nina. While investigating they come to examine what they thought would be a meteorite. Only to see a round metal object. Fearing that someone would possible be injured. Nina out of instinct approaches the craft. Being told by Peter to watch it was probably really hot. But, it wasn’t, it was cool and soft to the touch. Acknowledging that no one was inside. Then they heard a sound behind them and turned around and there was the creature. A huge metal man standing there. Slits for his eyes glowing. Motionless, yet Nina felt connected somehow to this being. As this robot is taken down by military along with the space ship to Area 51. Next comes in the head research doctor to take over is Von Frankenstein. You will learn about him and his assistant Igor in the Prologue of the book.
Heading to present time. A group of young friends. Some of them not knowing of their special abilities. This gives us the next set of prime characters of the story. Friends Shelley, Blaine, Kevin, Dash and Drake. Minor character Blaine’s Sister Vicki. Drakes’ parents Peter and Nina (Miss Poe, teacher), Von Frankenstein (under the name of Giles, head master of Grimm Academy) comes to this town called Autumn Hallow. This where all the kids live with their families. Strange things start to happen to the kids. Some having special skills that they didn’t even know they have.
Well, that is as much as I will give you. The brief overview of an adventure that none of the kids thought would change their lives when they woke up that faithful first day back to school. Christian took a lot of care into how he handles each chapter with a smooth transition from each time period. I like that it was not a harsh back in forth. Some books can make you dizzy when they do that. But, the way he handled it by giving an overview of the Von Frankenstein character and how he got the nickname in the Prologue was enough. So that this way he was able to concentrate on the other characters backgrounds. When he went back to Peter and Nina in 1938 with a continuation of how their powers developed. Any additional information leading up to the present and the re-energizing of the robot. The terror that wrecks the town. It is non-stop action that Natalie Hoyt did when she brought each character to life.
I really enjoyed Natalie. This was my first time listen of her work and was really impressed. I was able to tell the difference between the girl characters and the male characters. I know from listening to past narrators that they sometimes have a hard time with the voice recognition of the opposite gender. But, Natalie did not. I think that being younger kids she could give the boys that voice of a before voice change age. However, she did the accent of Von Frankenstein and the older voice of Peter quite well. Sound effects throughout the audiobook. You certainly will not be disappointed with the story or the performance of this young adult book. I would say 8 years and up!
The cover design was simple yet conveyed the character of the book. But, did not really convey the kids now part of the Monster Squad.
This book was provided by Audiobook Reviewer for an honest review. All views above are solely mine and no way effected by others or their comments. Please take the time to let me know if this review was helpful or not. Always cherish comments as well.
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Friday Frenzy: THE BLACK DIARIES - VOLUME ONE By Anthony Crowley (with interview)

Friday Frenzy
By Anthony Crowley (with interview)
Kindle Version
copyright 2012, 53 pages
Spectral Press
Amazon's review rating 5 stars
*****My RATING 5 STARS*****

Book blurb from Amazon

Anthony Crowley the Author of 'Tombstones' & 'The Light of Keeps Passage' and numerous works of dark verse & speculative fiction delivers more body bags with 'The Black Diaries' series.
This collection includes short stories, The Conjuring Road and Sleeping Village and dark poetry, Resurrection, and the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired Ghost & the Raven...and much more.

My Review and thoughts on this book!

I really enjoyed the way Anthony combined what will give the readers a great way to experience his writing. From a short story to his short verse writing. It is a great way to introduce the reader to both his styles of writing. That will create a love for all his works. 

Starting out with the first short story, "The Conjuring Road". IT takes the readers into the world of voodoo. A young boy thinking that his father was away for his job. Only to find out he has been in prison. Being released, his mother takes him for a visit with him. But, what kind of prison is this. Well, being a short story can't spoil the story. Just that you will not be disappointed at this story and one I feel can be expanded upon into a Novella.

So my favorite verses and quotes:

The Sinister Train
"Strapped into a journey
The darkest of pleasures and dreams"

The Blacken Witch
"I am a shadow of my former self, enriched with words of divination and folklore"

The Ripper
"I drift slowly through the still of the night
Sounds of drunken laughter amidst the echoing of footsteps aloud"

and finally

Shadow of the Wolf
"I await the sudden frosted witching moon to climb the immortalised sky"

Finishing his book up with another short story 'Sleeping Village'. Another story that will draw you into the mind of Anthony. Drawing you into another century in the year of 1348. It was a well written story that you will not want to miss. It can also be expanded into a novella for sure! 

This book was provided to me by the author and all views above are solely mine and no other reviews or comments effected such review. I invite you to comment below, love to hear from you. Also let me know if this review was or was not helpful. 

Interview with Anthony Crowley

So today's interview will be with Anthony Crowley. I first reviewed one of Anthony's audio books for called Tombstones where I feel in love with his writing of short verses. A first for me since I am not a poetry reader. This review was posted to my blog on May 22, 2015. Since then I have reviewed his other audio The Mirrored Room also posted to my blog on June 8th, 2015. Today, I reviewed his book The Black Diaries - Volume One and look forward to Volume Two. So first a little about the author (okay maybe a little bit more lol )as featured on his Amazon author page.

About the Author from Amazon
Anthony Crowley, Author of best-seller 'Tombstones' was born 1979, Birmingham,U.K From a young age of 7, Anthony began to take an interest in English literature and Poetry from an early childhood.Then throughout his teenage years he studied music and achieving song-writing skills,whilst still creating his visions. He also achieved a diploma in creative writing with a college located in,Oxford,England. Anthony has also written short stories for student newsletters, horror monthly's. The present day Anthony Crowley has written many works of literature & poetry,including 'The Fallen Angel' featured in Sanitarium Magazine ,issue 14. The work itself was also mentioned via a live radio podcast on the evening of Halloween 2013. 'The Devils Foot Soldier' was another dark verse which was inspired by the 'Slasher Icon' movie of 2011 'The Orphan Killer' which was positively recognised by the movies creators and the written piece is now featured at American based 'Blood Born Magazine' several more features and frequent media interviews and being ranked as 'one of the best Modern Authors in recent years' Forthcoming Novella 'The Mirrored Room' was ranked in the 'Semi-Finals' at 'authorsdB' Book Awards of 2013,and not forgetting being a trending Author for many consecutive months and a featured Author on numerous literature and Horror themed websites and more. Presently, Anthony Crowley (The Master Of Realities) is always creating new and exciting projects within the subjects of ,horror,supernatural,paranormal,occult and also historic references..Anthony is Currently residing in UK

Now without further ado, let me begin my interview with Anthony with maybe some newly added information for the Anthony Crowley fans!!

Well, Anthony I would like to start off by thanking you for taking time out of your extremely busy writing schedule. Following you on Facebook I really don't think you sleep (LOL). So let's get started. So Anthony...

How many years have you been writing? At what age did you get started?

I initially began taking an interest in writing thirty years ago now. My junior school teacher would get annoyed sometimes, because I would always write something down. I never liked having a break from my thoughts even back then. Professionally I got involved in writing back in 2010, but I continued to write more since 2012/13 until the present day.

What got you started with the writing bug?
I felt more drawn into writing from witnessing my teacher during the class of 85’. He would describe a variety of pens and showed demonstrations, including calligraphy. I was hooked even more.

Was there ever a different genre of writing that you were thinking of prior to writing horror drama and poetry? 
Basically I enjoy the many forms of literature. I think as any artist it is a joy to explore different directions and styles. I’ve wrote other genres such as history, psychology and romance.

Do you plan on trying your writing in a different genre?

Of course. It’s always refreshing to have an healthy challenge.

What was your first published book?

The Light of Keeps Passage

What was your first highest rated book?

My dark poetry collection Tombstones.

Where would you like to be in your career or life in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

I always project myself forward. I look back on previous releases and think how enjoyable it was. As long as I have my good health I will still be doing the same as what I’m doing now and to continue entertaining my readers and taking them on their escapes from everyday life. To observe that I make people happy, makes me very happy. Whether an author has one reader or ten-thousand readers, you’re fan base is there and becomes your extended family.

Is there a project that you really want to achieve?

There’s a few other projects, but my lips are sealed at the moment. You’ll have to wait and see.

Joan: Well, Anthony I can't wait to read these new projects! So...

Which book was your first audio? Is there a favorite narrator that you have use or want to use in the future?

That is like saying who is your favourite music artist or favourite movie. I believe each narrator has their own qualities. When I auditioned Alan Weyman for the Tombstones audiobook, I thought to myself that this Is the exact voice suited for the recording. I can sense and feel the dramatized strengths in his tone. I needed someone who could be very expressive and on time with this verses. I then wanted to have another distinctive voice for my Mirrored Room story. I must have auditioned at least twelve other narrators that were good in their own strengths, but then the next audition came. When I heard the first sample recording from Cory Mikhals I was awestruck and I was so drawn into his adaptive voice in how he delivered the story. I thought to myself if I were the listener what would I like to hear and what would entertain me. I later found out that Cory is also a popular radio host for a radio station in Idaho. He is a man who excelled perfectly and professionally. I will be working with Cory Mikhals again at some point.

I really enjoyed his voice as well in this audio presentation as you have seen by my review on the Mirrored Room. Moving on...

Who is your favorite author(s)? Was that how you were inspired to how you write today? Do you have a favorite series by this author(s)?

I have many favourite authors such as Clive Barker, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Ketchum to name a few. When I was a child I was instantly addicted to the classic horror (fantasy) films. Universal Pictures, Hammer, Amicus, etc… I first became magnetised the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe, Dennis Wheatley and Bram Stoker. There were the key figures I suppose to my early introduction.

Finally, what other thoughts would you like to share with my bloggers today?

I currently have a contributed story titled “Saturnalia” in a forthcoming anthology “Demonology”. The collection is inspired by  King James VI’s legendary opus of the same name. It features contributions by some of today’s most talented authors such as Tim Dry, Paul Flewitt, Juan J. Gutierrez, Christopher L.Beck.  Demonology is published by Lycopolis Press and edited by Dean M.Drinkel.  Later this year I have a fifteen story collection titled “Doomsday After Midnight” due for release. Currently I’m working on more short stories and a new dark poetry collection “Winter Chills” and two novels.
Well, Anthony it certainly was a pleasure for you to take time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions and get your readers more familiar with the real Anthony Crowley! I surely enjoy the friendship we have developed since reviewing your first audio book Tombstones. I look forward to reading, listening and reviewing more of your works.   
So that is it for this week's Author's Interview my readers. Next Friday I will be interviewing a wonderful Narrator out there in Audio Book Land, Andrea Emmes. Want to know more about Anthony or ask him direct questions click on the links below. Until next week!

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ABR Review - The Girl at the End of the World by Richard Levesque

The Girl at the End of the World
Written by Richard Levesque
Narrated/Performed by LC Kane
7 hours and 59 minutes
Unabridged audio
Genre: Teens, Sci-fi, fantasy
My rating on Audio Book Review 4.5 stars
Currently to date with ABR posting to Audible 6 out of 6 find this helpful

How would you feel if you were in Scarlett Fisher? Celebrating her 15th birthday with her dad and his family at a baseball game. When all the sudden you think the man behind you is so drunk and worried about your half siblings. Repeating over and over again the same thing, “Foul Ball!” Her dad was getting worried about his family as well as other fans around them over this guys’ outburst. Then all of the sudden the man falls over dead and these plants come shooting out of his nose and mouth. A puff of a cloud she thought was smoke. Scarlett was not sure or her family. Then all around them more people were going delirious. Then falling over and plants of some kind came shooting out of them. Scarlett’s family rushing to leave as everyone else to get back to the safety of home.
Getting home and doing what was suggested by taping all the windows and any way for whatever this was out. But, then Scarlett is worried as well about her mom and sister calling them. Only to one moment hear them and later receiving a message of don’t come here. Then her Dad and his family. Her best friend and her family. But, not her. Why not her?
What was happening to everyone? Why all of the sudden were homes bursting into flames. Scarlett not really knowing what to do after her own family dies. She gets some supplies from her dad’s home. then, she heads for her friends’ home only to a short time later the whole family dies. She takes her friend’s parents car even though she has no idea how to drive. But, she gets out of there and fast. Scarlett just kept on driving till she was clear of the town she knew so well.
Coming into an area Scarlett knew she had to get more supplies. She spots a sporting goods store. Perfect. For what she had was barely enough for one or two days. She heads for it and trouble. This is where her adventure really gets started. Will Scarlett meet more like her not effect by this virus. That they were calling it before no one else was transmitting the air waves? She does meet others and not on so friendly terms. What do they want?
Well, this is a well written book by Richard Levensque. Thought the way it started here we go again another apocalypse type book. Don’t get me wrong love apocalyptic books. However, this had a different twist on it. From a young girl’s point of view.  A virus. Where did it come from? Warfare, an experiment that went wrong and got out. It was not hard to envision the plants exploding out of the bodies of people. For the narrator LC Kane was exceptionally great at conveying the feelings of Scarlett. A narration within a narration. Richard wrote the fear of the ones effected, the dread on their faces as they watch others die only to do the same. LC Kane conveyed it. The fear of Scarlett when she delivers a baby. Why she was only 15, how in the world is she going to deliver this baby? When she hadn’t been on a date yet! How when Scarlett comes across the bad guy! Yes, you know that there will be the bad guy. How her and the other capturers plan their escape. It was a standalone read. So no worries if you are afraid this is it and you will be left hanging. He does end it with an update in future years. Is it just Scarlett or did they all survive? Something you will have to listen for yourself.
LC Kanes performance of Scarlett was really good. She had the perfect voice for a young girl. She does the accents well for a couple of the characters and okay for Chad with that young male voice. Setting aside the voices, it was the performance of the book that brought Richard’s story to life. The drama of the scenes from the fear, anger and concern in her voice for the characters. I will look forward to other books narrated by LC Kane.
This book was provided by Audio Book Reviewer for an honest review. All thoughts on the book are solely mine and no way effected by other reviews or comments. Please comment below if this review was helpful or not helpful. Thank you for your time.

Where you can find Richard Levensque

Other 6 books performed/narrated by LC Kane on Audible.
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TUESDAY TWEET: THE EGGS By PM Barnes with Author Interview

By PM Barnes 
NEW! with Author Interview 
"To follow Review"
7 pages
Genre: Dark Drama

Book Blurb from Amazon

She is coming to the end of her life, in the only home that she has ever known. The unspeakable happens and she is forced to hold on a little while longer to complete one final task. 
Can she will her old body forward to exact revenge on the "giant" who has snatched away her future?

My Review on Amazon

This is a well thought out and hate to say it "cute story" for being a mini dark drama. PM Barnes  being able to pull together this 7 page short story and fill it with so much detail is amazing. I even found myself reading it a second time. Found putting myself in the room, inside of her character. I began seeing through the characters eyes. When the giant comes in the room to sweep her away and takes her livelihood away. Her vengeance starts whirling thru her mind. Knowing that she only has moments before her old body gives out she plans her move to retaliate against this giant! 
What happens next well you will just have to get "The Eggs" to find out. 
This short story can't have any spoiler alerts. Just know that I could see this being read aloud to children 8 and up. I do feel that it is age appropriate for 8+. Kids these days may have seen worst on Children's networks. Though it does have a gross out factor at the end! It made for a cool end! I think leaving room for a follow-up short story.

This review was provided for the author not only to promote her book as it stands. But, for the cause behind it. So let's move onto the interview questions that I prose to PM Barnes about her career and the cause she has behind this book.

The Interview
featuring PM Barnes

PM it is so great that you could take the time to answer some question that I and I am sure your readers would love to hear. So let's get started.

How many years have you been writing? At what age did you get started? I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My mother always encouraged me to keep a journal, so learning to put down my thoughts on paper was something I came to early. In addition to journaling, I wrote books (one that I still have from when I was 8 called the Experimental Whale, complete with illustrations) and plays (one that I starred in and performed in our basement when I was in third grade.

What got you started with the writing bug? I would have to say it was my parents.  They both loved books and part of their courtship included their shared interest in poetry and theater.  My father still tells me stories about how when my mother was pregnant with me, he would take her to sit in the park and would read to her stomach while my brother played nearby.

Was there ever a different genre of writing that you were thinking of prior to writing horror? This is an interesting question as I write across a broad range of genres, which I know seems to be an odd thing.  For me, I view being a writer as an open door to experimentation.  I enjoy playing with ideas surrounding the human condition and I don’t worry myself about if I’m fitting in a particular box.  I literally am all over the place. I’ve started a zompoc series (Zombie Seed), published a coffee table book filled with poetry and graphic art images with my husband (The Wandering I), dabbled in erotica (The Devil Ate Me series) and done a hand at sci-fi (The Imperium).  I keep my focus on trying to write a good story that resonates with a variety of people, rather than trying to stay in between a set of lines.

What was your first published book?  Well, the first book I self-published was ZOMBIE SEED a little over a year ago. Very few people know that I was in a published book before that.  I had three of my poems chosen for the anthology STORM CYCLE 2012.

What was your first highest rated book?  Hmm, I’m not actually sure.  I don’t usually keep track of each books ratings, but I know that all of them have been in the top ten in their respective genres at one point or another.

Is there a project that you really want to achieve? Honestly, I really can’t wait until I release all five books in the ZOMBIE SEED series. It’s what I started with so it will always have a place in my heart and I just really enjoy the characters and what I’m doing with the undead.  In addition to that, I love the post-apoc & dystopian fans.  They are some serious diehards and they keep you on your game.

Which book would you love to see first as an audio?  I can’t wait to hear The Devil Ate Me series read.  There are just so many parts of it that are pure comedy and also bone chilling.  I think that combo is going to make for a kick ass performance for whoever I get to help out.

So what made you want to write "The Eggs"? Better yet, why did you decide to donate the proceeds to charity? Your charity of choice for the month of July and do you have one planned for August?  First off, all money made from sales for the month of July, will be going to The Autism Foundation. The August charity has not been chosen as of yet. During the first week of each month, I am going to open the floor for readers to tell me what sort of causes are near and dear to them, from there we’ll choose one.  I’ve also decided that I will match whatever the book sales earn, in order to give as much as we can to these great charities.

The Eggs like many of the things I have written came from something in day to day life that inspired me.  There are a lot of things going on in the media right now that are polarizing people and it made me think about how we never really look outside of ourselves to commiserate with each other. We generally only focus on how we are different, strange to one another, rather than how we are all fighting and scratching for the same things.  Every living thing, whether that be trees or bugs or people, wants to be able to reach its goals, whatever they may be.  

The Eggs is my attempt at trying to relay that in a way that makes sense for everyone.  In the story, you find yourself connecting with an unlikely character because of an understanding of universal goals.

That is why I thought it was a great story to use for charity.  What allows us to help others is our ability to see their plight and recognize their struggles as ones we all face.
The challenges surrounding being alive are hardcore no matter if you have two legs or four…or eight.

Finally, what other thoughts would you like to share with my bloggers today?
Really I would just like to say thank you.  It’s bloggers and readers like yourself that allow me to get my stories out there. The online world is filled with so many choices and I’m always humbled and appreciative when someone chooses my work out of all the noise.  We indies need you and I for one am glad to have met and connected with so many great readers and bloggers.

Well, I want to thank PM Barnes for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions. Do you still have questions for PM Barnes well here is where you can find her and send her those burning questions. Until next time, let me return you to my regularly schedule blog post!

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