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ABR Review - The Girl at the End of the World by Richard Levesque

The Girl at the End of the World
Written by Richard Levesque
Narrated/Performed by LC Kane
7 hours and 59 minutes
Unabridged audio
Genre: Teens, Sci-fi, fantasy
My rating on Audio Book Review 4.5 stars
Currently to date with ABR posting to Audible 6 out of 6 find this helpful

How would you feel if you were in Scarlett Fisher? Celebrating her 15th birthday with her dad and his family at a baseball game. When all the sudden you think the man behind you is so drunk and worried about your half siblings. Repeating over and over again the same thing, “Foul Ball!” Her dad was getting worried about his family as well as other fans around them over this guys’ outburst. Then all of the sudden the man falls over dead and these plants come shooting out of his nose and mouth. A puff of a cloud she thought was smoke. Scarlett was not sure or her family. Then all around them more people were going delirious. Then falling over and plants of some kind came shooting out of them. Scarlett’s family rushing to leave as everyone else to get back to the safety of home.
Getting home and doing what was suggested by taping all the windows and any way for whatever this was out. But, then Scarlett is worried as well about her mom and sister calling them. Only to one moment hear them and later receiving a message of don’t come here. Then her Dad and his family. Her best friend and her family. But, not her. Why not her?
What was happening to everyone? Why all of the sudden were homes bursting into flames. Scarlett not really knowing what to do after her own family dies. She gets some supplies from her dad’s home. then, she heads for her friends’ home only to a short time later the whole family dies. She takes her friend’s parents car even though she has no idea how to drive. But, she gets out of there and fast. Scarlett just kept on driving till she was clear of the town she knew so well.
Coming into an area Scarlett knew she had to get more supplies. She spots a sporting goods store. Perfect. For what she had was barely enough for one or two days. She heads for it and trouble. This is where her adventure really gets started. Will Scarlett meet more like her not effect by this virus. That they were calling it before no one else was transmitting the air waves? She does meet others and not on so friendly terms. What do they want?
Well, this is a well written book by Richard Levensque. Thought the way it started here we go again another apocalypse type book. Don’t get me wrong love apocalyptic books. However, this had a different twist on it. From a young girl’s point of view.  A virus. Where did it come from? Warfare, an experiment that went wrong and got out. It was not hard to envision the plants exploding out of the bodies of people. For the narrator LC Kane was exceptionally great at conveying the feelings of Scarlett. A narration within a narration. Richard wrote the fear of the ones effected, the dread on their faces as they watch others die only to do the same. LC Kane conveyed it. The fear of Scarlett when she delivers a baby. Why she was only 15, how in the world is she going to deliver this baby? When she hadn’t been on a date yet! How when Scarlett comes across the bad guy! Yes, you know that there will be the bad guy. How her and the other capturers plan their escape. It was a standalone read. So no worries if you are afraid this is it and you will be left hanging. He does end it with an update in future years. Is it just Scarlett or did they all survive? Something you will have to listen for yourself.
LC Kanes performance of Scarlett was really good. She had the perfect voice for a young girl. She does the accents well for a couple of the characters and okay for Chad with that young male voice. Setting aside the voices, it was the performance of the book that brought Richard’s story to life. The drama of the scenes from the fear, anger and concern in her voice for the characters. I will look forward to other books narrated by LC Kane.
This book was provided by Audio Book Reviewer for an honest review. All thoughts on the book are solely mine and no way effected by other reviews or comments. Please comment below if this review was helpful or not helpful. Thank you for your time.

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