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TUESDAY TWEET: THE EGGS By PM Barnes with Author Interview

By PM Barnes 
NEW! with Author Interview 
"To follow Review"
7 pages
Genre: Dark Drama

Book Blurb from Amazon

She is coming to the end of her life, in the only home that she has ever known. The unspeakable happens and she is forced to hold on a little while longer to complete one final task. 
Can she will her old body forward to exact revenge on the "giant" who has snatched away her future?

My Review on Amazon

This is a well thought out and hate to say it "cute story" for being a mini dark drama. PM Barnes  being able to pull together this 7 page short story and fill it with so much detail is amazing. I even found myself reading it a second time. Found putting myself in the room, inside of her character. I began seeing through the characters eyes. When the giant comes in the room to sweep her away and takes her livelihood away. Her vengeance starts whirling thru her mind. Knowing that she only has moments before her old body gives out she plans her move to retaliate against this giant! 
What happens next well you will just have to get "The Eggs" to find out. 
This short story can't have any spoiler alerts. Just know that I could see this being read aloud to children 8 and up. I do feel that it is age appropriate for 8+. Kids these days may have seen worst on Children's networks. Though it does have a gross out factor at the end! It made for a cool end! I think leaving room for a follow-up short story.

This review was provided for the author not only to promote her book as it stands. But, for the cause behind it. So let's move onto the interview questions that I prose to PM Barnes about her career and the cause she has behind this book.

The Interview
featuring PM Barnes

PM it is so great that you could take the time to answer some question that I and I am sure your readers would love to hear. So let's get started.

How many years have you been writing? At what age did you get started? I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My mother always encouraged me to keep a journal, so learning to put down my thoughts on paper was something I came to early. In addition to journaling, I wrote books (one that I still have from when I was 8 called the Experimental Whale, complete with illustrations) and plays (one that I starred in and performed in our basement when I was in third grade.

What got you started with the writing bug? I would have to say it was my parents.  They both loved books and part of their courtship included their shared interest in poetry and theater.  My father still tells me stories about how when my mother was pregnant with me, he would take her to sit in the park and would read to her stomach while my brother played nearby.

Was there ever a different genre of writing that you were thinking of prior to writing horror? This is an interesting question as I write across a broad range of genres, which I know seems to be an odd thing.  For me, I view being a writer as an open door to experimentation.  I enjoy playing with ideas surrounding the human condition and I don’t worry myself about if I’m fitting in a particular box.  I literally am all over the place. I’ve started a zompoc series (Zombie Seed), published a coffee table book filled with poetry and graphic art images with my husband (The Wandering I), dabbled in erotica (The Devil Ate Me series) and done a hand at sci-fi (The Imperium).  I keep my focus on trying to write a good story that resonates with a variety of people, rather than trying to stay in between a set of lines.

What was your first published book?  Well, the first book I self-published was ZOMBIE SEED a little over a year ago. Very few people know that I was in a published book before that.  I had three of my poems chosen for the anthology STORM CYCLE 2012.

What was your first highest rated book?  Hmm, I’m not actually sure.  I don’t usually keep track of each books ratings, but I know that all of them have been in the top ten in their respective genres at one point or another.

Is there a project that you really want to achieve? Honestly, I really can’t wait until I release all five books in the ZOMBIE SEED series. It’s what I started with so it will always have a place in my heart and I just really enjoy the characters and what I’m doing with the undead.  In addition to that, I love the post-apoc & dystopian fans.  They are some serious diehards and they keep you on your game.

Which book would you love to see first as an audio?  I can’t wait to hear The Devil Ate Me series read.  There are just so many parts of it that are pure comedy and also bone chilling.  I think that combo is going to make for a kick ass performance for whoever I get to help out.

So what made you want to write "The Eggs"? Better yet, why did you decide to donate the proceeds to charity? Your charity of choice for the month of July and do you have one planned for August?  First off, all money made from sales for the month of July, will be going to The Autism Foundation. The August charity has not been chosen as of yet. During the first week of each month, I am going to open the floor for readers to tell me what sort of causes are near and dear to them, from there we’ll choose one.  I’ve also decided that I will match whatever the book sales earn, in order to give as much as we can to these great charities.

The Eggs like many of the things I have written came from something in day to day life that inspired me.  There are a lot of things going on in the media right now that are polarizing people and it made me think about how we never really look outside of ourselves to commiserate with each other. We generally only focus on how we are different, strange to one another, rather than how we are all fighting and scratching for the same things.  Every living thing, whether that be trees or bugs or people, wants to be able to reach its goals, whatever they may be.  

The Eggs is my attempt at trying to relay that in a way that makes sense for everyone.  In the story, you find yourself connecting with an unlikely character because of an understanding of universal goals.

That is why I thought it was a great story to use for charity.  What allows us to help others is our ability to see their plight and recognize their struggles as ones we all face.
The challenges surrounding being alive are hardcore no matter if you have two legs or four…or eight.

Finally, what other thoughts would you like to share with my bloggers today?
Really I would just like to say thank you.  It’s bloggers and readers like yourself that allow me to get my stories out there. The online world is filled with so many choices and I’m always humbled and appreciative when someone chooses my work out of all the noise.  We indies need you and I for one am glad to have met and connected with so many great readers and bloggers.

Well, I want to thank PM Barnes for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my questions. Do you still have questions for PM Barnes well here is where you can find her and send her those burning questions. Until next time, let me return you to my regularly schedule blog post!

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