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FRIDAY FRENZY - TOMBSTONE by Anthony Crowley - Now LIVE on ABR!

Perfect Weekend Listen
by Anthony Crowley
Narrated/Performed by Alan Weyman
1 hour 32 minutes
Unabridged Audio
Fiction - Horror - Short Verses
5.0 stars on Audible
My rating 5.0 stars

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary
Tombstones is a collection of some of the finest dark verse and horror-themed literature while exploring the various elements of dreams, erotica, and psychology and visualizing complete fear and terror...including the popular dark verse "The Fallen Angel", the powerfully erotic vampire tale "Blood Hungry", and a journey into the mind of the "Wicked Torturer".
©2014 Anthony Crowley (P)2015 Anthony Crowley

My Review now appearing on Audio Book Reviewer and other sites

Tombstones by Anthony Crowley
by Joan Pavlick
Tombstones by Anthony Crowley. Narrated/Performed by Alan Weyman. 1 hour and 32 mins long. Genre Fiction, and Horror. Publisher, Anthony Crowley & Crowley Creations; 1st Edition (March 5, 2014), 130 pages.

Tombstones by Anthony Crowley was a first time experience for me. A combination throughout the book of short verses of Horror, Thriller and paranormal genres. I found this to be quite exhilarating change of pace from my normal listens. With a short listen of 1 hour and 32 minutes these verses can be listen to in one sitting as I did. However, I found I needed to borrow the book itself for my kindle to follow along with the audio that was provided to me Audio Book Reviewer for an honest review. I would highly recommend with the purchasing of this audio to get the companion book as well. Especially, if like me being a first time listener to this type of writing.

So as I went along listening to the books verses, I could not help but fall into a sort of trance or hypnotized set by the mood of the book. Mostly though by the narrators voice of raspy, grim and gloom. Alan Weyman’s raspy voice set the mood of the verses. He performed this so well that you could not help but, get caught up in it.

There were several lines throughout that stood out the verses to me as the listener. There were ones that make that indentation in your mind and stay there. It was listening to Edgar Allan Poe’s macabre way of writing. These are the lines that stood out to me:


He said, “The land of mystical illusions shall come, you’ll see”.


“Pure as the dead of thunder

The flow of the moon eclipse

Enchantment of darkness”


“I fell from the heavens storm because I lost my soul”

And finally one more that stood out, even though there were more that I booked marked as listening.


“Slithering and mischievous

Cunning and strong

Wings of ecstasy”

The book had a flow of words that only Anthony Crowley could have created into such a way. That you will want to listen/read this in one sitting. Then maybe in another one.

As mentioned, earlier Alan Weyman gothic raspy voice pulled this collection of verses together in such a way. It felt like he was weaving the words into such a way that I felt like I was listening to old horror thriller movies featuring Boris Karloff or Vincent Price. He would pick up his voice or slow down where needed. Pauses were perfection. 2 thumbs up! Well performed!!!!

I highly recommend this book to those into any of the horror, thriller, and paranormal genres. Even if you don’t listen to verses type books. Just like me you will be captivated.

As I mentioned this audio was provided to me from Audio Book Reviewer to listen and give an honest review. All statements above are mine and have been in no way influenced by others. Please like and comment. If you dislike comment as well.

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