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Monday Mayhem Review
Performed/Narrated by Cory Mikhals
2 hours and 19 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook
Crime - Thrillers - Suspense
No ratings on
My rating on the UK site is 5 stars

Book Blurb from Audible UK site

Publisher's Summary

Simon Kessler is a reality television psychic who is about to embark on the biggest show of his career. But he eventually learns that he has been living in denial since the murder of his true love, Isabelle.
Gradually he discovers a secret conspiracy which has been undiscovered for many years. This is a story of deception, lies, and betrayal of the untold truth of Simon Kessler's life. Soon he begins to learn more about himself and the dark magickal past of his friends and family.
©2015 Anthony Crowley (P)2015 Anthony Crowley

My review found on Audible UK and on American sites as well.
Anthony Crowley's short story was ear catching to listen to. The story itself is about 2 hours. Yes, it does show 2 hours and 19 mins but, it is a lead into another one of his stories, 'The Gathering' being release this year 2015. So onto, the review of this suspenseful thriller story that will grab you as it did me.

The narrator, Cory Mikhals did a great performance on the cast of characters. He really held this story together like glue. I love the way he reads through this story at a nice not to fast pace but, quick enough to bring across the suspense of each scene. It is definitely something I look for in narrators and how it fits the story. 

As Cory begins the story of Simon Kessler, TV Psychic Star heading to his 500th anniversary show. All Simon can think of his his lost love Isabelle. What had happened to her? Never any answers and now something is happening to him spiritually that he cannot explain. As he is driving into the studio his friend and agent Jack calls him to see where he is. "On my way in" says Jack. During the show the first person that he calls out to in the audition turns out to be the mother of the boy that was charged with Isabelle's disappearance. Was this random, planned? His thoughts and feelings are so strong in him that by the end of the show he was completely exhausted. It was not until his agent Jack tells him who that lady was. More shock hits Simon. 

Telling his agent Jack that he will be taking the next week off. Needed to clear his head and Jack highly agrees. Like that is going to happen. Simon can hear a voice in his head. A familiar one and needs to find out who before he goes crazy. He calls his long time friend of his and Isabelle's, Jennie. Maybe she can shed some light on his situation. If Jennie had any info of anything that Isabelle may have shared with her. While visiting her, that night Simon has a dream about his grandfather. About something his grandfather gave him. Rushing back to his home to retrieve it. Now this is where the book really takes off! 

For this short listen/read you will need to see how Anthony Crowley spins a web of deceit from those Simon thought he could trust and from those he is trying so desperately to get away from. Who killed Isabelle? What link does she have to a secret society? Who or what is the Sanctuary of the Red Sun? Why are the people around him acting so strangely? What does his grandfather and uncle have to tell him from this world and beyond? Non-stop action. And what does Jack and Jennie have in common? 

The con is that the story ends abruptly and found myself re-listening to the end a couple of times. I look forward to the sequel to this novella. So if you are looking for a stand alone this is not it. You could wait for the sequel but, what fun is that. Then it just went into the sample of the next book. Not sure if this is what Anthony had in mind. But, I guess the con of the book is not so bad. It really does leave you wanting more and more NOW! (laughing)

About the author, Anthony Crowley has stepped outside the boundaries of conventional story telling. He will be around for a long time. I would love to see longer books from him but, for now I will take all that he has to write. After, the first book of Tombstones, he has me hooked on his Thriller stories. 

This audio was provided to me by the author for an honest review. All my comments above are solely mine and no one has effected that outcome. Please like and comment on my review love to hear from you all! Love to know if my review helped you read or listen to his book and see what I seen in his work.

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