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Performed/Narrated by Shiromi Arserio
1 hour and 51 minutes
Unabridged Audio
Contemporary, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Zombie Apocalyptic
Rating on Audible 4.3
My rating on Audiobook Review 4.75

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

A zombie horror told from the zombie's perspective, The End is one woman's account of the end of her life, her family, and everything.
Like many single parents in their thirties, Zoe is overworked, overburdened, and low on company, and when the zombie apocalypse begins, she is forced to face the monster that has taken her over, the horrors he shows her, and her own murky past.
How does it feel to gain consciousness, only to find you have lost everything else. How would it feel to have a destructive force take you over completely and be powerless to stop the massacre that follows? And how would it feel to finally face your past and realise that perhaps, the monster has been with you all along? Find out in The End, an examination of the inhuman condition.
©2014 Adam Booth (P)2014 Adam M. Booth

My Review featured on Audiobook Reviewer (ABR)
The End by Adam M. Booth. Performed/narrated by Shiromi Areserio. 1 hour and 51 minutes long, Contemporary, Sci-fi, fantasy. Unabridged Audio. 18+ years. Some scenes are graphic in the description of the zombies eating humans. So if this is not your type of book then I would not recommend it to the faint of heart.
This book is an account of one woman’s memory of being part of a zombie apocalypse from the zombie’s perspective. I thought this was quite a unique twist on a zombie’s thoughts especially when I thought zombies were just mindless, hunger driven for the brains and flesh of their victims. But, on contra my listeners. Zoe is a single mom looking to see that her daughter is at good school. Overworked, underpaid as a single parent Zoe is heading to the train station to meet up with one of the many guys she is dating. A weekend to unwind the grind. Well, Zoe found herself right into the start of the Zombie Apocalypse at the train station. Seeing someone coming at her and not knowing at the time until he comes face to face with her. She realizes that this is not human anymore with the deep sunken eyes and flesh hanging off his face. As he grabs her and starts to gnaw on her. Screaming as he clings to her and feeling herself floating in and out of conscientious. Then, waking up wondering what had just happened in a slumped pile and then the desirable thirst for human flesh and brains comes to her.
Next Zoe could only think of one thing and that was getting to her daughter. As she goes through the countryside getting to her Zoe tells her side of her experience of attacking those to so she could survive. When she actually shows that she has feelings of quilt yet no regrets to what she has to do to survive.
Will Zoe make it in time to see her daughter? What challenges does she come across getting there? Will her daughter know that this is her mother? All great questions that Zoe will recall throughout this short novella. How she will be recalling this tale some century later. Adam M. Booth really put a lot of thought into condensing this story in such a way that it is a stand-alone book.
Shiromi Areserio is a fantastic narrator/performer. I have listen to other books that she has performed with her beautiful British/Australian accent. She speaks in such a way that you can feel that this is a thought being spoken by Zoe and when people are actually speaking – okay screaming outloud. Great job.
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