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MONDAY MAYHEM:Dead, Sometimes, Book 2 by Patricia Lee Maccomber

Monday Mayhem Review
Performed/Narrated by Steven Jay Cohen 
6 hours 8 minutes 
Unabridged book 
Series: Jason Callahan, Book 2
Genre: Modern Detective, Suspense, Thriller, Paranormal
3.9 stars on Audible
My Rating 5.0 stars

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

Jason Callahan, private investigator, and his psychic partner Trina Dane return in the second installment of the Jason Callahan Mysteries.
Chloe Marsh is found dead at the scene of an accident and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Half an hour later, as she is being taken to the morgue, Chloe suddenly sits up. But this isn't the first time Chloe has died, and it certainly won't be the last.
Enter Trina and Jason. They've worked on cases together before, but nothing like this. Investigator Jason Callahan doesn't believe for a minute that Chloe has special powers, but psychic Trina Dane does, and she thinks she knows why. But what of the other people across the country who have had the same experiences? How did they really die? And how did one boy (and Chloe) manage to survive? Only Trina and Jason can find the answers, but they must do so before Chloe runs out of lives.
©2014 Patricia Lee Macomber (P)2015 David N. Wilson

My Review on Audible and other sites

I really enjoyed this listen. This book by Patricia Lee Macomber was such a light book of the paranormal in this modern detective story that even teenagers could enjoy this listen. When I started to listen to this book I found myself diving right in from the start. This is one of the books that you want to listen to from start to finish. Wish I could have but did listen in 3 sessions. Headphones on and then I found myself inside the book like sitting at a movie theater. Sitting back and watching the scenes unfold. 

What I really enjoyed was that Patricia did not go overboard with the details. Just the right amount for the scenes she was writing about. You knew at most times what the characters were thinking and going to do in certain scenes. Found myself wanting to say, ”Don’t go in there, don’t be foolish. You know what is going to happen to you.” Not that it was obvious just that each scene was clear as to what was going on. 

So now moving into the book itself. There is 4 main characters. Of course, Jason Callahan, the detective, his side partner psychic Trina Dane, Chloe Marsh and the Entity. Trina pulls Jason in on a case that she feels, is drawn into by her psychic powers that this woman Chloe Marsh that was pronounced dead at the scene of an accident and then hours later sits up and is alive. The more and more awake she becomes Chloe starts developing these special powers. 

Jason reluctantly agrees to head off to Florida to rest Trina’s concerns are going to be unfounded. Unfounded they were not. Jason gets so pulled into the case, as he starts to find links to other similar cases across the country. How did Chloe get these powers? From the woman at the bar she knew? Asking her for a ride home when she locked her keys in her car. While heading home to get her spare key since and she did not live far from the bar the woman agreed to take her back to her car. Then all of the sudden the woman goes and pulls over and before Chloe realizes she is being attacked by her. The next thing Chloe finds herself waking up in the hospital being told that she was dead for several hours. She was a miracle. So everyone thought but, Chloe. In comes Jason and Trina starting their investigation surrounding this case.

Jason and Trina find themselves in more than one way bonding with Chloe as friends and protectors. Trina is determined to get the Entity out of her once they have discovered through the investigation and what Chloe’s new found powers were. Chloe just wanted the powers and voices gone from her. Can Jason and Trina get to the heart of removing the Entity or spirit? What path will they need to go to get to the bottom of this case? Will they be able to save Chloe or will she have to die in order to destroy this Entity? 

This book will have you riveted. Not just from the story but, with the performance of Steven Jay Cohen. I have reviewed other books where the male narrators sometimes could pull off the female voices to a degree. Steven is the first that really nailed the dialect and the voices. I was in awe over this one. 

I find myself now wanting to listen and review the first book in the series. My thought is I hope that Steven Jay Cohen does the rest of the series. This book was provided to me by the author for an honest review. So all above is my sole thoughts on this book and no one has effected that outcome. Please like and comment on my review. Love to hear your thoughts as well. 

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