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WEDNESDAY WILDS: BLOOD DRIVE: Anna Strong, Book 2 by Jeanne C Stein

By Jeanne C Stein
Narrated/Performed: Dina Pearlman
9 hours and 11 mins
Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Vampires
Unabridged Audiobook
4.10 stars on Audible (536 ratings)
My rating on this book is 5 stars!

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

Anna Strong was a tough-as-nails bounty hunter, until the night she was attacked-and changed forever. Now a vampire, Anna discovers that her long-dead brother may have had a daughter - and the girl's in serious trouble. There are some very dangerous people after her, but they're about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood, even the deadliest human predators are easy prey.
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©2007 Jeanne C. Stein; (P)2010 Audible, Inc.

My review from Audible 4/2/2012
following this review some more thoughts on this series!

"Another winner!!!"
What made the experience of listening to Blood Drive the most enjoyable?
Having the same narrator Dina Pearlman preform the book!

What did you like best about this story?
How it keeps you caught up to wait and hear what the character will do next. thinking or speaking outloud - watch out!

Have you listened to any of Dina Pearlman’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
Book one: the becoming

Wow, my reviews were so lame then, LOL! So to be more detailed on this series of books by Jeanne C Stein. This series was my first audio version of a series. Read series or character based books that are stand alone reads. So now time to fill in the empty spots above.

The experience that made me keep coming back for each book in the series and could not wait for each one to come out! It was the consistency of the story lines. The characters never changed only new ones were added. It captured me into the story as I could not wait to see how Anna managed to keep her family and doing it at arms length knowing that one day that it will have to end all contact with them. Knowing she will never age as they will. 

In this book, Anna comes to find out that her brother who past away in college. May indeed have a daughter the family knew nothing about. Anna comes to her rescue from a life that no young teen should ever be subjected to. How can she get her from her mother and show this young girl that there is others to love her. While still learning how to handle her new lifestyle as a vampire. 

The most enjoyable part is Dina Pearlman's performance she consistently has in each of the books in the series. I base a lot of my comparisons to other female narrators to Dina! 

If you have not read or listen to this series, please do you are in for a treat!

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