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MONDAY MAYHEM - The History and Folklore of Vampires... by Charles Rivers Editors


The History and Folklore of Vampires: The Stories and Legends Behind the Mythical Beings

Performed/Narrated by: Jack Chekijian
1 hour 21 minutes
Unabridged Audio
Audible 5.0 star rating
My rating is also 5.0 stars
World, History, Vampires

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

People have always been afraid of the dead. Since the dawn of humanity, people have both cared for those who are deceased yet also tried to keep them away. There are a myriad of legends and beliefs about the dead coming back, and one of the more persistent ones is of the vampire.
Everyone has heard of vampires, but few people are truly familiar with the history and folklore that have made the mythical beings so popular. Indeed, there are so many legends from so many cultures that it is difficult to come up with a hard definition. And folklore is by its very nature unscientific, but most people in the Western world think of vampires as those who come back from the grave to suck the blood or life essence from the living.
This common understanding of vampires actually obscures many European and most non-European traditions of bloodsucking monsters. For example, in China, Japan, and the Middle East, there are spirits that will drain the life force of an unwary person, but these magical beings were never mortal humans. In African and Native American traditions, there are monsters that do the same, but while they are supposed to be of this Earth, they, too, are not human beings.
Furthermore, folklore changes over time, so the vampires people are familiar with today (and the ones some people claim to actually meet) bear little resemblance to the vampires of early modern Europe. Stories change, fiction turns to fact and vice versa, and beliefs are constantly reinvented. Ideas are adopted, adapted, and presented as true. All the while the legend of the vampire remains.
The History and Folklore of Vampires chronicles how vampires became so popular.
©2012 Charles River Editors (P)2015 Charles River Editors

My Review on Audible and other sites

This was a comprehensive short book on the History of Vampires. I found the information quite enlightening on the history of vampires. We all think of Bela Lugosi's image of Count Dracula, from the 1931 movie. The strong Hungarian face to portray such an evil entity. However, this book is more than that movie. 
A true account of the traditions behind the folklore of the vampire. Not all of them sleep at night as being accounted for that the sun will burn them up and poof they are gone. Quite, the contrary there is one country where they come out in the afternoon for a feeding. They all don't have fangs but, cut the victims to draw on the blood from other places than just the neck. How culture plays a pivotal role in the creation of what they thought as vampires. How they destroyed them and how they felt that it passed on from generation to generation. From the European countries and how it wraps around the world in the different countries and cultures.

I found this information quite compelling and will listen to it again. A great research tool and listening to it seem to bring the folklore legend to life. Jack Chekijian does a great narration of this short 1 hr  21 mins, of this legend. Smoothly moving through the book. He made it that you were not yawning waiting for it end. Quite the opposite kept you wanting to hear more long after the book ended. This book is only an overview of the folklore and not a deep detail of each culture. It basically, just getting you hearing buds a taste of creating a want to search out for more.

This book was provided to me by the narrator Jack Chekijian. for an honest review. The review provided has not been effect by other views and are solely my thoughts. Please comment good or bad and like my review. 

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