Friday, April 10, 2015

FRIDAY FRENZY - If You Just Listened to Me in the First Place

Friday Frenzy

So this will be my Friday Frenzy postings of catching up one or more of my previously posted Audible Reviews or posted to Audio Book Reviewer. Where you can also find some of my reviews. The first one is really the cutest 42 minutes I listened to! You can listen to it just doing your errands. Funniest as heck!

If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place… by Barbara Venkataraman, was the funniest 42 mins I have listen to in quite a while. I felt that it I was listening to my own life of a rambling voice except in a southern accent. At least this what my husband told me as Ella’s husband told her. Barbara takes what some of us only wish we could put down in writing. The narrator Carrie Lee Martz southern accent was so perfect for this short story. Taking Barbara’s story from Ella’s young youth and her best friend. The ideas she always got them in and never went well. When Ella meets her now husband in the current life. She continues her many jobs. Each one so funny from start to going on the next one. I do hope that there is a follow up to this hilarious story! 

This story was provided to me by the author for an honest review. So all my views are my own and all I can say, “Get it and listen for a great laugh and wishing that there was more of it!”

Where can you find Barbara Venkataraman and all her books

Where can you find the narrator Carrie Lee Martz to check out her narration.

Happy Listening

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