Monday, April 20, 2015

MONDAY MAYHEM - Unmemorable

The book has a lot of mayhem to keep

your Monday going! Today's review a

tad late due to me being under the 

weather. But, won't let you down.

By A.P. Jenson

Narrated by Roni Gallimore
6 hrs 35 mins
Romance, Fantasy

Unmemorable by A. P. Jensen was a pleasant listen. A perfect 6 ½ hour listen with this steady pace fantasy romance. This book will lend itself as not being Unmemorable by a long shot. As a matter of fact, you will find yourself thinking back at the scenes throughout this book. As you reach the end of the book it will leave you wanting more

The characters are so lovable. Raven, the main character that the story revolves around. Cain Henson, the warrior sent there to protect her. His wonderfully candid grandfather. Many other characters that may not be so lovable yet hold this story together like glue.Her main character Raven lends to the story at a nice pace. Keeping her life as private from her co-workers as possible. Yet they forget her everyday which seems odd to her. Are they that forgetful she has to remind them of her name? As a matter of fact everyone that she comes in contact with forgets who she is. They always seem to be looking for someone that does not even look like her. 

From the time she was a baby and left by her mother in a playground. Raven finds herself shuffled from one foster home to another. So she finds herself going from place to place across the country once she was old enough to be on her own.Now she finds herself back in Las Vegas. A maid at a luxury resort. Sent to the Penthouse to clean and she comes into contact with Cain. That night she comes into contact with him again. This time to save her. Save her from what? This is where the story takes off in a non-ending ride to the very end.I am not going to be a spoiler of the story except that Raven finds out that she is the Unmemorable one.

 For you as the reader/listener is what you will need to find out what that means. I promise if you are into fantasy with a huge splash of drama and romance then this book is for you. It took me a few days to listen through because of work. I really wanted to listen from start to finish and if I knew it was going to be this good I would have waited on my day off!

This is my first time listening to the narrator, Roni Gallimore. She did an amazing job with each and every character. Transition between the voices, the moods in each scene to just the regular dialog. She made it where you were the one looking thru a store window with your nose glue to it. You wanted to see more. This story could stand on its own but, with the sequel “Unleash” is now out (waiting on the audio) in book form. Is now on my Read List!!!

This book was provided to me by the author for a listen and review. All the views above are strictly mine and in no way was I influenced by others. I encourage you to leave a comment if you found this review helpful or not.

Happy Listening

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