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Pie Girls by Lauren Clark

Review posted to ABR on March 14, 2015

Pie Girls written by Lauren Clark is a cute refreshing lite romance.  Lauren’s characters are brought to life in this “Growing up after Divorce” story. Her main character Searcy Roberts has it all. A handsome, smart, creative advertising wizard of a husband, Alton. Her high school sweetheart. Searcy coming from the other side of town was not a popular girl until she started to date her now husband. After college and married. They are living in the fast pace town of Atlanta for the past 10 years. Where she has a personal shopper, all the right friends and social life. But, something doesn’t seem just right. It was their 10th anniversary and where was her husband? All these business trips, late nights and not returning her calls. There on the nightly news after telling er friends she was on her way out to dinner was a picture of her husband Alton. Missing? His employer reported him missing. What do you mean missing? Just then he walks into their Atlanta condo. “Where have you been?” ask Searcy. “Searcy I need to talk to you?” This is not a good sign. 

Searcy’s whole world comes crashing down around her. Alton tells her he is not in love with her anymore. Divorce? How could that be? Who was she? Searcy finds herself hiding in the apartment for days. Cell shut off. She finally answers her phone. It was her momma, Maggie. What’s wrong? Why does her mom sound so tired? So Searcy heads to small town, Fairhope, Alabama at her mom’s request. A place she never wanted to return to but, maybe this is what she needs to get away from her friends' questions. What is she in store for? 

When Searcy heads home being in her snobbish mode. The airlines tell her they have lost her suitcase. What was she supposed to do with no clothes? Well once home after her dearest friend, Toby drops her off at her mom’s home. She is taken back at how her mom looks. She said she is just tired and needs a break from the pie shop that she started when Searcy was in high school. Her friend Toby has been taking care of it. Well, Searcy inspecting the refrigerator and cupboards decide they needed to get some food in the house.  She needed some clothes so she heads to Walmart. (I love the way Lauren describes Searcy’s trip to the store. It was all I could do not to burst right out laughing since she got this nailed right on the head.) 

Searcy finds out the next day that the shop is in trouble. For how long? How much back rent is due when the landlord Quinn comes into the store demanding payment by month’s end. How long has her momma been not feeling good? She goes with her mom to the doctor’s appointment. What is the diagnoses? 

In the mist of all this, she has her first encounter with the business owner in the next to the shop to Pie Girls. Does he not have any manners playing his music so loud it comes through the walls like a storm raging. She storms over to his shop and she is struck by his beautiful eyes, the muscles bulging through his shirt. Wait! As she stampers over her words to tell him he needs to turn down his music. He tells her he is so sorry he thought the walls were insulated. That her mom and Toby never complained. Of course not! Southern ladies don’t complain but, she was. This is the start of Luke entering her life. Again and again. No she cannot be distracted. But, as the story courses ahead he becomes a huge help to her and the shop. Slowly, okay maybe not slowly they find each other’s attraction. No she is still married. Being the southern gentlemen he is says he will wait for her.

Alton arrives to town since he did not hear from Searcy and the divorce papers. Searcy being so busy with the shop and her mom being in the hospital. After they have a discussion she agrees to sign the divorce papers. She also shares her plan to save Pie Girls. She meets Alton’s love. And in the mix of all this is her annoying mother-in-law with her little dog. Her dismay at the divorce and Alton’s new love. So what happens after this encounter even throws Searcy into a WOW of how with the help of Luke, Toby, Alton and others to save Pie Girls. 

Lauren Clark made this story come to life. Even though this is a similar story that I have read, heard or seen in TV movies. I still really enjoyed it. Lot of name dropping of designer brands. Glad they were common ones since I am not a shopper by designer names. Seen other comments that they did not like Searcy in the beginning and warmed up to her as the story developed. I enjoyed her character right out of the gate. I found her friends’ a bit annoying but that was the idea right. Right along with the mother-in-law. Lauren puts in enough details without going overboard that I was able to visualize each and every scene. I will now finding myself seeking out her other books by her. 

The narration is done by multiple actors. I was a bit taken back by it at first? Never heard multi-narrators before. Usually only one person and many voices created by them. Did take a bit to get use to but once I did and not so much of he said and she said. I went right with the flow of the story. I thought Luke could have had a deeper sexier voice. But, I kind of got used to it after a while. I envisioned this tall, athletic, day old beard, boyish man. That helped me get past his voice. The friends and mother-in-law voices thought were perfect. The mother I know she was sickly but, I thought it made her sound like she was in her 80’s even though she was in her 50’s. That really was the only voice I did not care for because of the age issue. All together is was a nice blending of voice changeover from narrator to narrator. 

The cover was really a cute design. Before reviewing this book for AudioBookReviewers I always take the covers as part of the storyline. This was a perfect example of a draw you in cover. Some may say you cannot judge a book by its cover but this is a case where they both went hand and hand. Or shoe and pie in this case as you will get from the story. 

This audiobook was provided by AudioBookReviewers. This review was entirely my own interpretation of the book and in no way was I influenced by others. I always welcome comments about my review.

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  1. So glad that you liked the cover and story equally well!!!!! What a thoughtful and thorough review! Many thanks for your kindness! xxxx, Laura

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    1. You are so welcome Laura! It was a delightful listen!