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The Bones of Odin: Matt Drake, Book 1 by David Leadbeater

The Bones of Odin: Matt Drake
Book 1
By David Leadbeater
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3.8 star rating on Audible

The Bones of Odin: Matt Drake, Book 1 by David Leadbeater. Narrated by Nigel Patterson. I just have to say right out of the gate I was hooked. This book is right up my genre alley! Knew when I was given the opportunity to listen to this for an honest review that this book would affect me. Now it will have me sizing other books of this type against others. I was so enthralled with the action, the humor and a bit of romance. I don’t know why some readers seem to find that there was so many pot holes throughout the book. THIS IS A FANTASY READERS! They need to listen to the book for the context that it was written in. (Did purchase the book to read it as well and Whispersync) Found this is in the style of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child using an artifact or myth as the base of the book. 

Matt Drake a retired SAS officer just trying to have a near normal life. Working as a photographer for the fashion industry. His roommate Ben, a computer geek and assistant is on a photo shot. Models under the staging of Odin’s shield. Then he hears the thunk, thunk of the blades. Some kind of publicity stunt was Matt’s first thoughts. When their world is turned upside down when helicopters come in and start to land in the middle of his photo shot. Not just any helicopters but, Apaches. Soldiers dropping down from them. Guns. First what Matt thought was a promo turns out to be as real as the Germans that were coming off of them. 

Let me back up first! Prologue – a myth behind the story. Odin is a god from the Viking era. (I was hook from this point) and the search for the 9 parts that are thrown to all points of the wind. Then the author proceeds throughout more time periods surrounding the myth of the pieces of Odin. Then the book starts bringing in more gods throughout out history. I just love this stuff. Blend of history with myth.

Now returning back to the body of the book. So now Matt wants to know what is going on. At a bistro he discusses this with his roomie Ben. Being overheard pulls in the next character of the book, Kennedy Moore, NYC cop that is on a force leave. She interrupts the conversation between the men. Asking questions that only a cop would do. Hesitant on Matt’s part. Wondering if she is someone that was planted. Questioning her and before she and even Matt realizes is now a part of the team. Wait, the last thing Matt wants is to be drawn into anything that he so wanted to leave behind. His former military life. Or is this something that he never left? Calling and confirming with his contact at the SAS slowly, they get him involved. No book spoilers here! Once you start to listen you will not want to pause it for a moment. 

This story is very fast pace with an evil doer that wants all nine pieces of Odin. That “I want to rule the world scenario”. 

What I love about David Leadbeater is he throws in the humor with the Ben’s character throughout the book. His parents always calling him at the wrong time.  Gun fight, crawling thru caverns, and planes. Yet, this character does show other emotions showing him as a real person. Matt Drake and Kennedy are as driven as their past/present careers would have them. Yet, they find themselves re-evaluating those careers. About their slow moving attraction to each other or is it just a close building friendship. 

What I would have love to seen was a timeline throughout the story. I think it was needed it. It was a driven story and the pace was quick throughout. Had that in one book I listened to and the real time at the beginning of each chapter made it like the show 24 hours? The additional cast of characters all seem to have some connection to Matt or Kennedy. It now has me wanting to listen to any of the other books that he has written. Now in my wish list.

The narrator Nigel Patterson did an excellent job acting out the parts of the book. Really after years of listening to audio calling the narrators is not really the correct term in my words. It is not like a documentary. It is a book with a cast of characters that relies on acting them out. That is exactly what Nigel did. A bit week on the female voices. Most men do and it is understandable. However, I did like Kennedy’s voice reminded me of my New Yorker friend. Real Manhattan voice. Well done! Mr. Leadbeater and Mr. Patterson!

This audio book was provided to me by the narrator Nigel Patterson for an honest review. All the views above are strictly mine and in no way was I influenced by others. I encourage you to leave a comment if you found this review helpful or not.

Happy Listening

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