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Pale Rider: Zombies vs Dinosaurs

Ready to get your weekend started! On the riding lawn mower will never be the same! You may feel that you are part of this quick listen of 52 minutes!

So where does everything start. At the beginning with a child name Genesis. From a medical issue and receiving a bone marrow transplant. No one knows if it was that but, Genesis became the first Blue was born. Genesis started to crave flesh, human flesh and killed his parents.

Then someone notice birds were getting bigger. Catching some and modifying the genetics created over generations what we call dinosaurs. 

Now, James Livingood brings up to the story of Paul Palerider and how with the help of a team convert a field that in the future with harvest food. But, does it go off with all the Blues around? Will the dinosaurs trained to do work as horses use to do. Yet, there to protect!

My thoughts

James Livingood brought together a quick story filled into this compact read. However, if you are looking as this being a stand-alone listen it does not! It will having you tweet or message Mr. Livingood to getting writing the next installment of Paul Palerider. Though it is also a story that you can sit and make your own thoughts of what the continuation may be. Like a whodunit in the movie Clue with different endings.

His choice of Michael C. Gwynne was a strong choice of a voice that caught me in the beginning like a newspaper reporter and falling right into the character of Paul Palerider. He does change up his voice for the other bit characters in the 52 minutes that has you hanging on every word he captures. 

I felt that this one story that will have you listening to it a second time as I started to do. Not that you don't get it because you want to get all the words of the story again since it such a short novella.

Some find that there are holes to fill - an extension of some scenes. But, left to the imagination we can fill in those spots that are left with such quick detail.

This audio book was provided by the author for an honest review and all comments above are solely mine and in no way influence by others.

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