Wednesday, April 22, 2015


by Lucas McWilliams
Narrated by David Dietz
6 hours 5 mins
Paranormal Thriller
Rating: 3 Stars Audible - 4 stars Amazon

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

Set in contemporary Alaska, Canada and New York State, The Eternal Hunt is a supernatural thriller based on Iroquois legends. Non-stop action and wonderfully developed characters drive this novel. The main character struggles with his internal demons along with fighting the monster his friend has become. It skillfully blends the modern world with the mystery of American Indian legends. It is a unique addition to the current selections in supernatural novels.
While trapped in a month-long storm in the Alaskan wilderness, Logan's cousin and blood brother, Caleb, becomes a cannibal to survive. Cannibalism opens Caleb's soul up to a vile Indian spirit known as a Wendigo, which possesses him.
After the storm lifts, Logan is the first on the scene to find his friend. All Logan finds is death at the hands of the vicious man eating Wendigo that Caleb has become. Logan barely survives. A near death vision shows Logan he has been chosen by his tribe's spirits to take up the knife and hunt the Wendigo.
Logan joins the False Face Society of his tribe, the Seneca Indians of the Iroquois nation. He carves a mask of the Wendigo and upon donning it, gains the Wendigo's powers.
Along the way, Logan is recruited into a secret government organization that monitors supernatural beings. With the combination of their high tech weapons and his Indian spirit powers, Logan hopes to stop the Wendigo. Logan struggles with his desire to save his blood brother and the knowledge that the cannibalistic Wendigo Spirit inhabiting Caleb's body must be stopped at any cost.
©2013 Lucas McWilliams (P)2013 Lucas McWilliams

My review of this Audio and story

Eternal Hunt by Lucas McWilliams was for me an interesting story. I love anything to do with the paranormal. When I saw that the book was about an Indian lore of a Wendigo. Well I was on board to listen to this 6+ hour book. Then I was kind of wondering when the ride would be over. It wasn’t that it was bad but, it was not where I put most of the books I listen to at the top.

The book opens up in Bear Ridge, Alaska. A plane goes down and the cousin of another hunting guide is called out for the search and rescue mission. 5 men and 1 woman team go into the area that the plane crashed. As soon as they get to the crash scene is they come up on the first bloody body. Shredded by what? As each of the rescue party is killed one by one. And that is just in the first 10-20 minutes of the book. There are 3 of the remaining rescue party held up in the cabin. Where all the other survivors of the crash are killed at the hand of what? All dead but one! Caleb, the cousin to one of the remaining rescue party. Logan Long Stride along with the remaining rescue party Liz and Inuk. Was it Caleb that killed them? If not was it a wild animal? Seeing the man like creature as it attacked the others. Logan knows as a full blooded Seneca Indian from New York that Caleb has turned into a Wendigo after eating the others to survive. As the remaining rescue team wait for the helicopter to come back and get them in the morning they hold up in the cabin. Hoping not to be Caleb’s’ next meal. Great start huh? Well, that was about the only one of a few parts that kept my interest. After that it was watching a movie that you just can’t turn away from just to see what happens. 

Narrated by David Dietz, well that by far was the best part of the book. David as always did a great performance of characters. I am not sure if that is how a Wendigo sounds in the book. I personally think that is would have a deeper more eerie sound and scream. Guess I watch too many of those type of movies. If there is a follow up in the series then I would consider listening to it if David does the narration. 

Don’t get me wrong. It was well written. But, Logan seems to spend half the book in every female characters bed! The book could have done with less sex scenes for my taste! Really, I am not a prude but, there was a lot of it. More time into the main topic of the novel it would definitely would draw me in to see what happens in the next book if this is part of series.

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