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Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light

Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light
by Brandon Charles West
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4.3 star rating on Audible
Scarlet and Keeper of the Light by Brandon Charles West was a very enjoyable listen. It really was quite different than I expected from the synopsis. Not that it was off from the description it was so much better. All jammed packed into this 7 hour and 32 minute narration.This young 10+ paranormal fantasy with a bit dark, scary moments is a very well laid out book. I would say that this is more of an all of the family listen here! 

From beginning to end you can’t wait for the next moment to happen. However, if you are looking for a closure to the end of this book. You will not have it! Since this is a series of 4 books, the ending does hang out there. It grabs you like the Hunger Games series, you can’t wait for the next audio to be narrated. So just be warned not a standalone book. So now onto my thoughts of the audio and book. 

Scarlet Hopewell and her family is in for a ride of their lifetime. Or lifetimes? They find themselves running for their life from 3 beautiful, silver voiced men who appear at their homes doorway after it is blown off by strong winds. Learning at that instant their dog Dakota that her father brought home. Is now issuing orders to run and run for their lives. Stunned that their dog can talk and wondering what else he can do. Dakota leads the Hopewell’s out danger and into a kingdom below a large tree. 

Scarlet as she looks around finds that everything is like her dream. Maybe this was a dream and they were all in it. Then Scarlet finds out that she is the chosen one to help save a kingdom. That this is not a dream. That she has magical powers. 

All the Hopewell’s especially, Mr. Hopewell is skeptical about this whole thing. But, as Scarlet learns how to bring her powers forward and trains with the oldest of the village. Her family is in awe. Not as much as Scarlet thou. She meets new friends along with some who seemingly can’t imagine a human will save them. After weeks of training. Scarlet has to move onto her next level of training her father states that he must go along. They step into an adventure that none of them seen coming. 

Where Scarlet and her family come in contact from the very good like fairies to the darkness of those determine to stop her and their plans. The book has a bit of Nardia to it in a character sense. But, it is a whole new fantasy that I never read before. Some of the characters as well.

There was nothing predictable about this books story line in the least. Each event blends well into the next scene. Each a surprise you don’t see coming. Which made this book a start to finish listen. Sometimes I found myself stopping what I was doing and just really sit and listen to what was going on. Besides the Hopewell’s there is a huge supporting cast of characters. Just when you think that this can’t get any better it tops itself at the surprise ending. Brandon West has a huge winner here with this first in a series of 4 books. 

His selection for the narrator Harriet Stevens was right on the money. She does the bevy of characters. She keeps the story going along flawlessly. Hope that Brandon has her lined up for the whole series!!! I like the cover it is simple and to the point. 5 stars Mr. West!

This audio was provided by Minor Manor Press for an honest review. All comments above are solely mine and no one has affected the outcome of my review. Please leave comments and like my review. Refer to all of you friends this delightful listen!

Happy Listening! Joan

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