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Haylee Awakened Seed: a paranormal adventure (Haylee and the Traveler's Stone Book 1)

by Lisa Redfern
Voice Artist Meghan Kelly
1 hour 43 mins
Teens, Sci-fi, fantasy

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

An ancient pattern begins anew…
Generations of oracles, seers, soothsayers and healers pass a relic of their lineage from hand-to-hand. They protect and prepare one another for the eventual blooming of a mysterious and terrible secret.
Until one among them breaks the chain.
Haylee Garrett, a California farm girl growing up in the '70’s, has no idea that she is about to take part in an age-old relay.
With an emotionally remote father, Haylee has become an expert at coping with things on her own. Plagued with worry over her failure to physically mature, she wears sweats and avoids teachers who ask too many questions.
An ability to communicate with animals brings her a sense of acceptance and belonging - one of her few comforts.
On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a drastic development changes everything for Haylee.
©90 years Lisa Marie Redfern (P)2014 Lisa Marie Redfern

My Review from Audible

Meghan Kelly did a wonderful job narrating the book. She maintain an even change between the characters that she was preforming throughout the book. 

I found that this book is a great listen for the teenage girl. It was a coming of age and a coming of what changes Haylee Main character) found her body going thru. Even though her mother told her that she was special like the other women in her mom's side of the family. She never knew quite what expect except for the talent she had from a young age with animals. What you ask? Well not spoiling this part of the book. 

With her father left to raise her unaware of her gifts and how to handle Haylee's coming of age. It made me smile to think of all those father's raising their daughters' on their own and how he handle her becoming a woman. How serious and funny her dad was at the same time it would in my words would have listeners blushing. 

When her dad rushes her to the hospital unaware why his daughter looked like she was dying. While he was waiting for the doctors to take care of Haylee, the on duty nurse Gloria comforts her dad. A magical connection between them makes me feel that the nurse in this story may become a character in the next book. 

The end does make you want more because of the abrupt ending. Had me a bit confused had me go back a chapter to listen again. Would go onto Book 2 just so I can see what will happen next. I feel that this book is great short listen from teen to senior. Being in my 50's I enjoyed it.

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    1. Lisa you are so welcome! Meghan is one of my top female narrators - performers

    2. Thank you Joan for listening and writing a review! When Voice Artist Meghan Kelly added her talent to the story, it gave the project an entirely new new dimension. Even I was in awe when I heard what she did with it ... and I had the benefit of knowing how it ended. ;-) Thanks again.