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Throwback Thursday Review
All performed by Fiacre Douglas
Between 9 hours and 5 mins to 10 hours 38 mins
All have a 4.0+ rating with several hundred reviews for each
Contemporary Romance
My rating for all three books is a 5.0 stars

My thoughts on this Trilogy! 
Back when I use to by books on CD! Even though I have not formerly rated this trilogy out in the book world I will need to get around to catching up on that! 

This was my first experience of Nora Roberts. You are thinking are you crazy! She's great! Yes, but this was back in 2007 and after that I listen to this trilogy. 
I came across these books on CD at a church rummage sale with many others. This set had the first 2 in the trilogy and being the listener that I am had to buy the third one before starting the series. 

Born in Fire: Book 1

I fell in love with this story from the beginning with Maggie Concannon and her stubborn personality that soon melted away by gallery owner Rogan Sweeney. 
How her love for making beautiful glass creations and how Rogan fell for her work and immediately knew he had to have her. Working a delicate weave of compassion till he finally wins over Maggie.

Born in Ice: Book 2

Moving into Book 2 with Maggie's younger sister, Brianna now taking the family home into a bed and breakfast. However, the winter is upon Ireland and no tourist to keep the inn going. But, that is fine now she has peace and quiet. But, that is soon to change with an american writer coming to spend the winter alone writing his book. 
In steps Grayson Thane. Will a fire be lite under Maggie's sister Brianna. A fire that will melt that ice coated heart of hers. You will surely fall deep into the book. As it ends you dive right into...

Born in Shame: Book 3

Shannon Bodine is a graphic artist that lives in New York. Then her world is turned upside down, sideways and every ways in between. When her mother tells her the true 
identity of her father. That she wants her to go to Ireland and she goes reluctantly. 
Shannon learns to go past the shame of meeting her new found family. 
Does she meet her love as well. 

You will fall in love with this Trilogy as I did. One that can be revisited at any time. One that I thought perfect for Throwback Thursday Review!

I am currently listening to her latest trilogy between reviewing other books. 
The Cousin O'Dwyer Trilogy another sure winner!!!

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