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Audio Artist: Mike Ortego
11 hrs 57 mins
Mysteries, Thrillers, Suspense

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**Huffington Post - IndieReader Best of 2014**
What happens to present-day Earth if friendly aliens take humanity under their wing?
What happens when their enemy becomes ours?
X-Files meet Independence Day when incredible events thrust Air Force Captains Jake Giard and Sandra Fitzpatrick into a decades-long global conspiracy to integrate humanity into a galactic government. However, as Jake finishes indoctrination into the program, it renders present-day Earth a disposable pawn in a galactic civil war.
Unknown aliens with a dark secret raid the planet.
Within and even below Washington DC, Jake fights through a post-apocalyptic hell, struggling to comprehend the enigmatic aftermath of the first attack. On the West Coast, Sandra's squadron smashes against the invading aliens. Thrown to ground, Sandy wades through blazing infernos and demented looters in a desperate attempt to save her family.
Finally, with the fate of the world in the balance, both captains must take the battle to the enemy--humanity's very survival hanging on their success.
What the Critics are Saying
  • AudiobookReviewer "SECTOR 64: Ambush was a highly imaginative action packed apocalyptic assault on your mind."
  • IndieReader "SECTOR 64: AMBUSH is an engaging book from the very first page to the final words of the Epilogue."
  • Audiobook-Heaven "Cole has a good thing going here ... His descriptions of aerial battle and military procedure are accurately detailed and his knowledge of the aircraft themselves fascinated me ... He created a couple of races of aliens, gave them their own histories and cultures and just made them outright interesting. His characters are realistic and believable as well. Sector 64: Ambush is a great read."
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©2014 Dean M. Cole (P)2014 Dean M. Cole

My review from Audible and other sites

As with any book or audio I like scanning the reviews to see if is worth the listen. I only see mostly men reviewing. HMMM! Well, here is a woman's point of review of Dean's novel. Sorry if you feel this is long but a lot to cover.

Starting with the plot line is what I like in a sci-fi apocalyptic scenario book blended well from scene to scene. Chapter after chapter. Not too much in the way of jumping around as some books I have either read or listened to. Doing the back stories and jumping back to the present. Which would make anyone lost in reading/listening and holding your attention to the end. Dean's book keeps your attention right from the start. Being a huge sci-fi/over the edge fan. I was held from the opening scenes (thought of Independence Day), finding we are not alone (Close Encounters) to where the main character Captain Jake Girard explains to his girlfriend Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick what is going on. So getting ahead of myself.

Author: Found this long yet compelling story a grabber from start to finish. Dean's background in the military as a combat pilot has woven the military lingo into easy to understand language for me and others as readers and listeners. Maneuvers a jet-spaceship would make in the heat of battle. I felt myself actually visualizing the scene in my mind as the jets trying to out maneuver and take down the spaceships and aliens. Like scenes in a movie. I feel when an author can pull you into a book that you feel you are sitting front row makes for a great writer.

Plot: In the beginning when his friend’s plane explodes in front of him during a routine drill. I could feel how he felt. That deep loss of more than just a fellow pilot but, a true friend. How he was treated by the military that it was his fault (made me want to jump in and say, "Can't you see he is telling the truth" But, that is showing how men think (woman's view)). The joy he felt to find out a year later that his friend did not died in the explosion and what really happen to him. That is was an alien ship that pulled his friend out and that they have been working with our government on a secret operation to protecting not only earth but a whole space sector right from a moon insulation. Yes, this is really out of the sci-fi that takes Jake by first surprise, then after it all sinks in he is elated at the idea they want him to join the team. 

Not giving away the whole story – So there is a bad alien that wants to be in control of it all! There is the surprise attack on earth that leaves a lot of destruction, dead and regular military pilots scratching their heads as the fly into battle (the thought of fighting against aliens). That includes Jake's girlfriend and pilot, Captain Sandra Fitzpatrick. As she surveys the aftermath all she could only think of is her parents and her newly discovered pregnancy of Jake’s child and where's Jake. As she does everything to get to her parent’s home to make sure they are alright and rescuing them to a safe area. Dean takes you through what she has to do to get there. I really can envision this and was thrilled for the strong character he created in her. 

Characters: The relationship the 2 main characters Jake and Sandra have between each other without getting to over the top mussy. For it is a sci-fi epic but, there is always a love interest somewhere in these genres. It really opens up for that continuing story – relationship they have in future books to this series.

Though I have to commend Dean for making Sandra a very strong, independent yet still maintaining her sensitivity as a woman. I do agree with a previous reviewer. The bringing up the pregnancy belly rub every after action scene was redundant. As a pilot she has a strong will about her and I love when woman do portray a strong role that she will not sit down and cry at the first boo! Makes me want to be her! Her worry for her parents and her strength not to cry (thou she wants to) when she sees her father's injuries. Just jumps into rescue mode that I am sure would be part of her training. To her thinking “I am not going to take any crap!” from her attack by 2 men telling her that they are in charge when trying to save her father. Love her mom she reminds me of my friends' mom strong but witty at the same time. A soft humor that makes you smile.

The characters were all strong in their own way. Captain Jake Girard I found appealing in the way he's emotions are portrayed by the narrator had me drawn in from the start. When his friend Vic deals with his dead mother in his head. Thou no one knows that he hears her nagging voice and what he dealt with as a child finally brings an inner strength out. No one knows about this even Jake and sometimes Vic is caught replying to her. Then making excuses. 

Favorite part of the book is when they suit up to look like the aliens and what they are feeling as their bodies are covered up. I really thought this was amusing. Lighten the story before heading out to the heat of the battle. 

Found the book/audio very descriptive without going overboard with a lot of jargon. Had listen to one audio where I found myself enough already I get it. Dean writes it in a way of this is what is happening and moves into the scene with fluidity. A stand-alone book however, the ending leaves you wanting more and a bit hanging. Even though it will have a continuation it could have been a little more to it. The relationship between Jake and Sandra and the expectations of the new addition to their relationship. I have read a lot of stand-alone series that have a definite endings and have the characters pick up into the next I guess you would say adventure. Otherwise, a great book!

I would listen to this book again down the road. It is lengthy but needs to be to get the full effect of the story. This story did not have shortcuts to the action parts. As with any action scene there has to be the supporting scenes to fill in the story to make it all fit together. Dean has done that and when the new book comes out I like to revisit this book. A catch up to flow right into the next story. Dean Cole has a fan for life! 

Book/Audio cover art: The latest revision of the cover is dead on fantastic. The original cover art was okay but, I am not sure I would have listen to this book if not offered up for review by the author. The storyline is what sold me to listen. 

Narrator: Mike Ortega was a good choice for this book. He handle all the characters with unique change in voice tone. Even from the female characters to the Alien rough and rugged voice. I am now a fan for life! Hope to hear him on the following books. There is one thing that I and I am sure other listeners hate is a new narrator for the same series. Seen it happen and makes it hard to love the new narrator when you have the expectations of certain voices. (My personal observation from other writers and the publishers).

Note: This review was posted to Goodreads, itunes,, Amazon and Audible. The Book was provided for review by the author. All views are strictly mine and not in any way influenced by others. Thank you for your time reading this and comments are always welcome about my review of this book!

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