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THROWBACK THURSDAY - Devil's Lake (Bittersweet Hollow Book 1) Kindle Edition By Aaron Paul Lazar

Even though this is a new release, the character Anderson finds himself being throwback to his past!

Devil's Creek 

(Bittersweet Hollow Book 2) Kindle Edition

By Aaron Paul Lazar
256 pages
Bittersweet Hollow (Romantic Suspense Series) 

Book 1: Devil's Lake 
Book 2: Devil's Creek 
5 stars on Amazon
My rating 5.0 stars

Book blurb from Amazon
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Grace may have problems, but Anderson Rockwell loves his sassy, spicy, and slightly unfaithful wife. A recovered heroin addict who’s now struggling with sex addiction, Grace tries her best to control her inner demons. She’s relapsing less often. And when she does, she always calls, always comes home. Until this time. 

The man calls himself Chandler. He found Grace on Facebook under a false name, and lured her away with promises of excitement, danger, and plenty of steam. But when Grace gives in to temptation and follows the trail, she finds herself at the mercy of a monster who knows who she really is, and whose sole obsession is revenge—on Anderson. 

Time is running out for Anderson to rescue Grace from deadly danger that’s beyond imagination, before the past drowns them both for good. Because this time, it’s personal. 

NOTE: This book contains explicit sexual content. For adults only! 

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Now after Portia's ordeal is all over with from her 2 year captivity. Aaron's new book "Devil's Lake" picks up after the trial of Portia's captor, and the wedding to Boone Hawke, her savoir and childhood friend.

This book moves onto her sister Grace's issues. Along with being a recovering drug addict. Now Grace finds that she is replacing one addiction for another. the other being Sex. An unsafe thrill ride that her husband Anderson can't quite wrap his head around. Only making matters worse, Grace knows that after she takes off for a couple of days, her Anderson will be there waiting, willing to forgive her without hesitation. Unknowingly enabling her new found addiction.

But, this time Grace has crossed the line, taking this new addiction of her's just one more ridiculous step further. Making friends on Facebook with a guy, who looks like a hunk of a man that she can only fantasize about having the most amazing sex ever with. Why can't she just settle for Anderson? Him being a great lover himself. Why won't these demons let her be? Well, now a demon is going to whisk her away where no one will find her. A demon named Chandler and that night she was going to meet up with him for unbridled sex for a couple of days. Then call Anderson to come and pick her up. However, Chandler has a change of plans instead, of the hotel going to a house he says he is house sitting for this guy while he is away. Wow, quite the house it was. Wow, how amazing he is in bed. The next morning feeling uncomfortable for some reason she decides to contact Anderson to pick her up.

Now the horror starts! After making out in the creek behind the home. He tells her the name of the creek is Devil's Creek. Now Grace is starting to feel a panic and says that she is cold and ready to go back in and call her husband. What happens next will terrorize Grace and turn Anderson's world upside down when Grace calls Anderson to come and get her. In the background he can hear Chandler say, "Murphy says hello!"

What can I say about this book from a reading side. This book was given to me by the author as a beta reading and I never finished a book in 2 days. If I had started earlier in the day it would have been in one sitting. 

From the first to the last word I was so caught up in the story. I felt myself being transported into the book and watching it from a vantage point that made me want to jump in and help. What's in Anderson's past has set this maniac in motion to pit his anger against the only second woman that has made Anderson go crazy over? What happen to his first love? An unsolved crime that has haunted Anderson for decades.

A new cast of characters are introduced. Chandler, who was this guy and how does he know Anderson? Graces' mom now in remission from her cancer has a new found strength that no one would want to cross this mom. Grace's old scumbag boyfriend. 

Can Anderson with the help of Boone get there in time to save Grace? This is something that will have you as it did me reading from the beginning to the end in record time. I certainly cannot wait for the audio version and review the performance of this book!

This book was provided to me by the author for beta reading and followup with a review! All my thoughts about this book are solely mine and no one has effected that outcome! Please like and comment if this review was a help in your decision to read this book!

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