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by Victor DiGenti
Performed/Narrated by Kenny James
9 hours 13 mins
Sci-fi, Fantasy, Contemporary
4.60 stars on Audible
My rating on Audio Book Reviewer 4.50 stars

Book Blurb from Audible

Publisher's Summary

When the Tremble family moves from Connecticut to Florida, they leave behind one family member who isn't about to take it lying down. He is only a cat, but Windrusher is determined to find his family and sets off on a perilous journey filled with surprise and discovery.
Enter the mystical world of cats, a world where dreams and reality come together, and legendary cat gods walk side by side with a chosen few.
Windrusher has been called a "magical tale filled with wonder and suspense." Cat lovers will never look at their cats the same as before after listening to Windrusher's adventurous tale.
©2004 Victor DiGenti (P)2015 Victor DiGenti

My Review from ABR and will be showing on other sites
4.50 stars

Windrusher by Victor DiGenti. Performed by Kenny James. A story about a cat called Windrusher and his human family the Tremble. The Tremble family had a big change to their lives when the father finally agreed to take over the family hotel in Florida.  Since he could not find a job after being laid off from a job he had for many years in the bank. Since their cat named Tony (aka Windrusher) did not like riding in the car, in a cat carrier to keep him under control. They knew the long ride from the north to Florida was just not going to happen. So the Tremble’s brother-in-law said that they would take Tony into their home.

What Tony could not understand is why the family dog was getting to go and not him. He was mortify that his family was leaving him being. Why would the Trembles’ do such a thing to him? He would not stand for it and would find them. Windrusher when he showed up on the Tremble’s doorstep and was taken in. He enjoyed being a part of something special. Not since his mom was there when he was a kitten. Teaching him that he was part of something special. Where they could trace their lineage back to the pyramids. How the Goddess of the Cats saved them all the making it a better world for cats. How there are special cats that live forever when they are favored by the gods. How each cat is born with a name from their mother and then the name that they take? Windrusher came by his name from a dream he had. Everyone laugh at him for taking on such a name. Well, now he will live up to his name. He wanted his Tremble family and he was willing to do whatever it takes to find them.

This book was filled with so much adventure that you can’t help cheer Windrusher and the friends Scowldown and Little One, make their way to the warm waters. Some other cats along the way helping him making his journey.  Even a few humans that didn’t even know they were helping him. Then there are those that make an enemy of Windrusher. The humans that he calls Hiscos (sorry did not have the book for the correct spelling) that take him in and give him a home. But, he needs to get back to his family and leaves each new family in search of his old one. Will the love of a cat that makes his insides Purr out of control name Silk Blossom make him want to settle down? Will Windrusher make it home? All great questions that will be answered in this 9+ hour book.

I would put this in a Contemporary & Fantasy genre. So if this for you then go for it. However, this book is part of a trilogy. First one only in Audio.

This is my thoughts of the audio. So I am not a cat lover per say. Since I always had dogs. However, I am a sucker for great animal stories. I did receive this book from Audio Book Reviewer for an honest review. I honestly can say that I found myself caught up in this story. I was quite surprise that since this book was out since 2004 that there would have been more reviews. Those that are out there were for the positive. With the release this year of the audio version. I think that this will certainly spark a renewal in the story and series. This story really has a lesson to teach about the kindness and unfortunately the true reality of meanness. It is certainly a book that kids and old alike will fall into wanting to know Windrushers’ adventure across many states.

I loved the strong animal connection to his humans. I enjoyed the way the author takes the reader into another world of the cat. Who can’t say that this is not really happening where cats have that inner ear? That they can hear their spiritual leader direct them on the correct path. The journey that each one of the cats in the story have to endure. It is a story that keeps you wondering if Windrusher and his friends will ever make it. I wondered how Mr. DiGenti book could fill the 9+ hour audio book. The story does go from Windrushers’ and the Trembles’ journey in Florida. He did fill the 9+ hours with no trouble.

The narrator Kenny James performed the book at an even voice as he read through the story. This is my first time listening to him and felt he did a great job. He did throw in some voices for the humans and cats. But, for the most part it was just his own voice.  He had me laughing out loud throughout on some of the characters he did the voices for. I would listen to him again. Just to see how he would do with a different genre. That he follows up with the other 2 books in the trilogy as well.

I do like the cover of the book. Gives you the visual of Windrusher. Not sure of who the face is supposed to represent maybe his girl human he misses and is in the search of. All the same it was a nice cover. I know that I would highly recommend this to all animal lovers not just the cat lovers. For kids they will be asking for their own Windrusher (Smiling). I would say 9 years and older. Younger kids may get upset on some of the cat scenes.

This book was provided by Audio Book Reviewer. All thoughts are mine and no one influence my review. Please comment and like this review. I love to hear from you! Happy Listening!

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