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FRIDAY FRENZY - See No Evil, My Pretty Lady by Miss Mae

by Miss Mae
Performance Artist: Marcus Hyde
4 hrs 34 mins
Mystery, Thriller, Historical

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Publisher's Summary

What if you lived in Victorian London, the time of Jack the Ripper? What if you were one of the women he attacked, yet you managed to escape? And what if you knew he needed to find you and silence you before you identified him?
New maid Dorcy Edwards flees the scene of where her employer's body is found. His murder sparks a chain of macabre events. Cloistered on a remote island with five strangers, including Gareth Davenport, her late employer's brooding, but darkly handsome heir, Dorcy encounters baffling questions with what she fears may be terrifying answers. Who cut the telegraph lines? Who left a mutilated animal carcass outside her bedroom door? What is the reason for Gareth's black gloves and eye patch? Can he be "Jack the Ripper", the madman suspected to be Mr. Davenport's killer? Dorcy must solve the mystery, and soon, or her growing attraction for Gareth could be her very death sentence.
©2010 Miss Mae (P)2014 Miss Mae

My Review from Audible and other sites

Depicting a Victorian setting in Old England was the perfect backdrop for Miss Mae’s Murder Mystery Romance of “See No Evil, My Pretty Lady”. Set in the early 20th century around the time of Jack the Ripper murders. Even though reference is made about him the story only generalizes on the possibility he is the culprit. I was not sure how a romance would enter this story line. Only recently listening to another authors work and it worked into her story. Miss Mae made it work for her as well. The story had me from the start right to the end in a single listen to! No breaks! Kept me right into the story like I was watching a movie.

Plot: Starting with the basic plot of the story as it opens up in that foggy night scene we are all too familiar with these types of English mysteries. The first main character that the story surrounds is Dorcy Edwards, kitchen maid. A reluctantly shy girl that comes running through the streets from her new employer Mr. Davenport, to whom she has found dead. While running to get away, someone reaches out and tries to strangle her. Maybe the murderer to silence what she has just discovered? Or could it be Jack the Ripper? Scratching her way from his grip she ends up at her patron’s home that help her acquire the job as kitchen maid for Mr. Davenport. When one of them was coming home finding her on the doorstep. Bringing her in from the fog. What good timing for Dorcy. Or is it? As she is wrapped and seated by the fire comes a knock at the door. Entering the second main character, Gareth Davenport, heir to the estate of the recently murdered man. Was he the murderer or was he just here visiting old friends as he so leads to make all believe? Dorcy does not let her guard down while telling her account of her events. Why did he have a patch over his eye and wearing gloves? Is he the one she scratched to get away? You will find this out as you listen/read. Have to keep some of the suspense going!

Moving into the next scene. As the case proceeds into the death of Mr. Davenport. Inspector Sosby from Scotland Yard enters the home and starts his interrogation. With the Who? What? Where? And Whys? The next day the solicitor comes to collect Dorcy to have her attend the reading of the will. Why? She was only in Mr. Davenports service for 3 days. Upon arrival with her patrons she among 5 others. As the will is read they are told that they will be spending a weekend to learn which among them is the murderer and very possibly maybe behind the Jack the Ripper murders. Along with them is included Gareth Davenport and the Inspector where they all would be going to a private island owned by the Davenport family. To discover out who murdered Mr. Davenport. 
This is where you will find out as many twist and turns in the events played out keep you guessing until the end. What secrets lie within the walls of this house? Why was Mr. Davenport’s brother on the island and suddenly shows up after all the years he did not come around? So what about this being a murder romance. 
Well from the moment Gareth laid his eyes on Dorcy he was smitten. Dorcy shy’s from him. Still believing that he is the murder. Through moments of saving her throughout the story she keeps her guard up finding herself thinking about him in other ways. Where will this all lead to between them? That you will have to find out for I will not give up the good parts of them, just them alone.

Now my thoughts on these parts. I did enjoy it but when you get to the end of the book I felt that more could have been played into their relationship. Maybe longer story to showing the outwardly affection. Maybe Dorcy showing the affection back at one point to Gareth before the abrupt ending. Who was the murderer and the relationship with Dorcy and Gareth? I don’t want to give away the ending. 

Author: Miss Mae certainly has done her research to the time period and has made this an enjoyable listen/read. I look forward to her next book. She will be around a long time with stories like these. I really enjoy mysteries with a twist. 

Now moving onto the narrator, Marcus Hyde. He did play out each character with each having a voice to match their personalities. Now this book was provided by the author for me to review and she was concerned about the female voices in the book. I feel Marcus did as well as any male narrator does with the female voices. So I was not disappointed in the least. However, I think I would have chosen a bit different voice for Gareth. Reminded me of Boris Karloff in a way and it stuck in my head. Though he did make his voice seem sexy. The inspector was dead on. The transition from one character to another was well played. You can tell the one guest sound of heavy weight. The women were well played. Not every woman has a high pitch or mousy voice, they are deeper tone as it seems to be for a lot of European women in movies. He made me better visualize Dorcy from the cover art. 

Art Cover: I did like the artwork. However, was not keen on the font chosen. Thought to heavy over the artwork. Not sure what I would have chosen but, this was not a favorite. Maybe in a thinner look. 

Thanks all for reading!

Note: This book was provided by the author Miss Mae for review. She and no one else had any influence on my review that I have provided. All thoughts and ratings are my own and any comments about my review are always welcome.

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